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Phentermine Dosage: You Must Get it Right


Phentermine Dosage Overview:

Front Image - PHENTERMINE HYDROCHLORIDEYour phentermine dosage is usually taken on any an empty stomach , once daily, prior to breakfast. If your phentermine dosage is in the form of a tablet, it may be broken or cut in half. However, it is not recommended that you either crush or chew tablets. Because it is known to disrupt normal sleeping patterns, you need to avoid taking your phentermine dosage late in the day. If you’re taking more than one dose a day, you should take the last one approximately 4-6 hours prior to going to bed.

What are the normal phentermine dosages?

Recommended phentermine dosages may be different for different individuals. If your dose of phentermine is different from the amounts described, do not change without the proper approval of your doctor.


The normal phentermine dosage for adults under the age of 60 follows:

Oral dosage for capsules: Most people take 15 mg - 37.5 mg once per day, before breakfast, or approximately 1-2 hours after breakfast.

Oral dosage for tablets: Phentermine dosage is usually 15 mg - 37.5 mg once per day, before breakfast, or approximately 1-2 hours after breakfast. Also, instead of taking phentermine once a day, some physicians recommend that you take 15 mg - 37.5 mg in divided doses, 1/2 hour before meals.

Oral resin dosage form (capsules): 15mg - 30 mg, once per day, before breakfast.

Adults age 60 and over: Reduced phentermine dosages are frequently necessary for senior citizens. You should consult your physician prior to taking this medication.

Infants and children: Phentermine is NOT recommended for children under the age of 16.

Additional phentermine dosage recommendations:

You should only take phentermine as directed by your doctor. You should never take it more often or in additional quantities then prescribed. If too much is taken, it may cause unwanted side-effects or become habit-forming. If you feel that phentermine is not working properly for you after having taken it for a few weeks, you should consult your physician. You should not increase the dosage on your own. If you miss a dose, you should take it as soon as possible. However, if it is close to the time of your next phentermine dosage, skip the missed dose and take the next scheduled dose. Never double the dosage. While overdose of phentermine is not usually life-threatening, if you or someone else takes a much larger dose then recommended, please phone your doctor, call 911, or your nearest poison control center immediately.

By Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist Ph.D. Candidate (Health Psychology) 

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