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St. Louis Counseling and Psychologists Referral Network

"When only the right therapist will do!"

St. Louis Counseling and Psychologists Referral Network:

st. louis counseling and psychologist's referral network

The St. Louis Counseling and Psychologists Referral Network (Affiliated Psychological Referral Network) is a network of very experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and licensed professional counselors located throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area. They represent clinicians experienced in providing services to clients with almost any psychological need or specialty, and participate on most of the major insurance panels.What types of services are provided by network providers?

Network clinicians provide most psychological services imaginable, including counseling or psychotherapy, psychological testing and medication management for individuals, families, couples and some group therapy. Most specialties are represented by clinicians in the network.


Why call the St. Louis Counseling and Psychologists Referral Network?

The goal of the referral network is to provide assistance in matching patient/client’s psychological needs with the most appropriate clinicians (and in all likelihood-closer to home or work). In many cases people are counting on the “luck of the Yellow Pages”, that they will get a clinician experienced with their problem and really have no basis for knowing otherwise, until they have a session or two with the clinician. The St. Louis Counseling and Psychologists Referral Network (Affiliated Psychological Referral Network) seeks to match individuals with appropriate clinicians in terms of specialty, insurance or financial resources and geographical location. Also, the referral network is operated and managed by a licensed psychologist with well over a decade of providing psychological services to the community, who is well aware of the reputations and abilities of many local clinicians.

How do I know that I will get a good therapist that can help me with my problem?

All of the therapists in the network are experienced, with most having been in private practice for many years. Unlike most therapists in individual practice, referral network clinicians are held accountable to provide quality services or will not be continued in the network. They are screened for experience, licensure, and professional reputation. If you are not totally satisfied with a therapist referred by the network, simply call again, and we will be pleased to give additional referrals, free of charge.

What number do we call?

Just call toll free 1-800-683-4304, and my staff would be "pleased" to help you.


 Paul Susic MA   Licensed Psychologist - Clinical Director     

Paul Susic, Network Clinical Director of the St. Louis Counseling and Psychologist's Referral Network (Affiliated Psychological Referral Network), has over a decade of providing innovative psychological services to the community. He is the former Director of the Department of Psychiatry of Incarnate Word Hospital, and previously spent five years as the Program Manager of the Partial Hospital, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Counseling services. He has a Masters Degree in Professional Psychology, and is a candidate for his Ph.D. in Health Psychology. Paul manages the daily operation of the network and is in private practice in St. Charles, MO.

Therapeutic Services Provided:    Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy, Family Therapy          Psychological Testing, Medication Management

Treatment For: Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, Physical and Sexual Abuse, Schizophrenia, Panic Attacks, Eating Disorders, Behavior Disorders, Stress Management, Anger Management, Alcohol and Substance Abuse, Mood Disorders, Sexual Disorders, Personality Disorders, Forensic Psychology, Sports Psychology, Executive Coaching, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology


Serving Metropolitan St. Louis:  St. Louis City and County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Lincoln County, Warren County

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